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Apoyado en carpintero trozo de madera


CreatE your ideas

FAbrica Industrial Maderera S.A de C.V

We are a woodworking mexican company with global approach, experience in high volume production and good workmanship since 1990. So we have been on the market for more than 30 years.

In 2012 we founded Abastecedora Hadrok S.A de C.V and most of our products were certified according to FSC chain custody.


In 2020 we started a new production line of cushions.

Further production lines are being developed as part of further development, which will increase our processing capacity.



Support the strategy of our clients through the development and manufacture of high quality products at competitive prices and pre-established delivery times according to expectations.

  • VIsion


Being a consolidated company, leader in the furniture and industrial sector, aimed at the national and international market.


Our main objective is to fulfill the highest quality standards in its products to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

To achieve the proposed goals, we have developed an integrated quality system that adds value to the organization and acts on the following principles:

  • The relationships with our clients and suppliers are characterized by cooperation and open communication.

  • Understand the needs and expectations of our customers to offer them better products and services.

  • Generate reliable long-term relationships with suppliers to ensure the quality of the materials used.

  • Train, motivate and evaluate employees.

  • Continuous improvement mindset to obtain products and services with the highest quality standards.

  • Ensure that this policy is widely used, understood and accepted by the organization.

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