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We offer complete lines, direct from the manufacturer with warranty and service in order to offer comprehensive solutions with innovative and functional products to integrate complete projects that allow our clients to design, create and operate their businesses with the peace of mind of having an ally for the purchase. of high quality components/products.

Count on an alternative specialized factory with which you will obtain the support that your furniture factory needs in order to satisfy the needs of your clients while maintaining high quality standards. Also complement your company in areas of design, production or project management, in partial or total product processes to optimize costs.

  • We are interested in improving your processes and manufacturing your furniture components.

  • We work mainly in the furniture industry, guaranteed work, with very good quality, the best price and a good service in delivery time.

  • We have the HT-144 Heat Treatment for exportations.

  • We support several factories with our furniture maquila services such as American Leather, IKEA, etc.

  • We have enough capacity since we have a wide variety of machinery to manufacture any type of furniture.

  • We have the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to guarantee the quality that you require.

  • We have proven experience throughout Mexico and internationally in the United States.

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